Fire-proof Paints/ Coatings
With safety in the workplace being top of the agenda, almost every building project requires some fireproof protection for timber and steel.

We have a large range of intumescent fire-proof coatings for 1 hour & 2 hour rating in waterbased or solvent based types. Interior or exterior.

For timber we have class 'o' fire rating in base coat varnish and topcoats.

Need help?
With the proper information on steel or timber sizes, we can measure & specify the product that is required and also, provide a fire certification for supply of materials.
• Solvent based 1 & 2 hour fire coatings

• Waterbased 1 & 2 hour fire coatings

• Class O varnish for timber

• Class O basecoat and topcoat in colours for timber

• Anti carbonation coatings for carparks

• Topcoat finishes for steel - all colour ranges
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Intumescent paints and coatings produce a protective char retarding the spread of flames and the transfer of heat in the event of a fire