Galvanised & Metal Paints
• Galvanised primer topcoat fast drying - any colour

• Galvanised primer topcoat waterbased - any colour

• Galvanised primer topcoat, 2 pack - any colour

• Zinc phosphate primer, fast drying - any colour

• Fast drying enamel finishes, heat resistant - any colour

• Fast drying machinery enamel - any colour

• Polyurethane finishes,1 pack & 2 pack - any colour

• Aluminium primers and topcoats - any colour

• High visibility (high viz) painy, fast drying - all colours

• Blast primers and topcoats - any colour

• Aerosol spray cans - any colour

• Line marking paint, fast drying, interior & exterior, all colours
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Galvanised primers and finishes for all types of metal and aluminium surfaces in waterbased and solvent based single pack and 2 pack, in any colour range, large and small quantities.

We also supply a large range of metal primers and fast drying enamels & polyurethane finishes.
For boats, bridges, metal staircases, railings, trailers, mezzanine floors, machinery, cladding, Interior & exterior, structural steel & cranes.

Hammer finishes for timber or steel fast drying, all colours.

Mio finishes, zinc rich primers and topcoats, polyurethane finishes