Hygiene Coatings / Paints
With Hygiene and Anti-bacterial coatings you get a tough durable finish which also gives a decorative effect.
We stock a large range of Hygienic Paints or coatings for clean room environments suitable for ;
Schools, Hospitals, Commercial & Domestic kitchens, Cateens, Toilets, Swimming Pool areas, Clean room areas, Warehouse floors and anything in the pharmaceutical industry.
• 2 Pack water based epoxy paint in any colour range

• Single pack Antifungal Antibacterial coatings - any colour range

• Anti-carbonation coatings for carpark areas - any colour

• Anti-graffiti coatings interior & exterior

• Water based special adhesion primer for painting tiles & non-porous areas

• Waterbased epoxy floor paints for food preparation areas - any colour

• Tennis Court & hardcourt paint for walls & floors - any colour range

• Food preparation wall & floor paint - any colour range

• Swimming pool and pond coatings

• Anti-climb paint, non-drying

• Non-slip floor surfaces for wet room environments
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