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Painting Accessories

Whatever you need to get that painting job done, we can help with your painting requirements.

We stock all sundry items :

  • Paint Brushes
  • Rollers : 7″ – 9″ – 12″
  • Rad rollers & frames
  • Paint Buckets & Paint trays
  • Paint Kettles
  • Paint Scrapers
  • Dust Sheets : Large/small
  • White Spirits
  • Stain Block
  • Hand Wipes
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Extension Poles
  • Paint Brush sets : 5 pack & 12 packs
  • Silicones
  • Painters mate & filler
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint and varnish removers
  • Wire brushes
  • Painter’s trousers and overalls
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Floor marking stencil sets : “All-sizes”
  • Floor marking paint chlorinated rubber
  • Floor paints : “All-colours”



Decorative Paints
There’s always something at home that needs to be painted, and at our well stocked trade centre you will never be left short on anything. Everyone is welcome….
  • Soft sheen washable emulsion – any colour range
  • Vinyl matt finish emulsion – any colour range
  • Matt finishes for walls & ceilings
  • Acrylic primers & finishes, walls and ceilings – any colour
  • Acrylic eggshell and matt finishes – any colour range
  • Exterior masonry paint, water based – any colour
  • Exterior masonry paint, shower proof fast drying, any colour
  • Waterproof sealers & primers
  • Varnish waterbased and oil based gloss & satin
  • Wood stain waterbased & oil based interior and exterior
  • Yacht varnish exterior
  • Polybond and adhesives
  • Gloss finishes oil based and waterbased – any colour
  • Satin finishes & eggshell finishes – any colour range
  • Undercoats, oil based and water based – any colour
  • Anti-climb paint
  • Anti-graffiti paint – black
  • Wood primers, plaster-board primers, metal primers, patio paint
  • Kitchen & Bathroom paint – any colour range
  • Damp-proof paints
  • Anti-mould paints
  • Anti-slip paints



Hygiene Coatings / Paints
With Hygiene and Anti-bacterial coatings you get a tough durable finish which also gives a decorative effect.
We stock a large range of Hygienic Paints or coatings for clean room environments suitable for ;
Schools, Hospitals, Commercial & Domestic kitchens, Cateens, Toilets, Swimming Pool areas, Clean room areas, Warehouse floors and anything in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 2 Pack water based epoxy paint in any colour range
  • Single pack Antifungal Antibacterial coatings – any colour range
  • Anti-carbonation coatings for carpark areas – any colour
  • Anti-graffiti coatings interior & exterior
  • Water based special adhesion primer for painting tiles & non-porous areas
  • Waterbased epoxy floor paints for food preparation areas – any colour
  • Tennis Court & hardcourt paint for walls & floors – any colour range
  • Food preparation wall & floor paint – any colour range
  • Swimming pool and pond coatings
  • Anti-climb paint, non-drying
  • Non-slip floor surfaces for wet room environments



Floor Paints / Coatings

Heavy duty coatings designed for very tough environments.

Not sure what you will need?
Contact us now, as we also provide on-site inspections free-of-charge to advise you on what paints will best suit your requirements.

  • Heavy Duty floor paints for warehouse use – Single Pack & 2 Pack
  • Floor Lacquers and sealers – Single Pack & 2 Pack
  • Line Marking paint interior & exterior – all colours
  • Special adhesive Powerfloat Primer, no need for blasting anymore
  • Waterbased Hygiene Floor coatings & wall coatings
  • Anti carbonation coatings for walls
  • Floor Level compounds & adhesives
  • Metacralate flooring systems non-slip & flake effect



Galvanised & Metal Paints

Galvanised primers and finishes for all types of metal and aluminium surfaces in waterbased and solvent based single pack and 2 pack, in any colour range, large and small quantities.

We also supply a large range of metal primers and fast drying enamels & polyurethane finishes.
For boats, bridges, metal staircases, railings, trailers, mezzanine floors, machinery, cladding, Interior & exterior, structural steel & cranes.

Hammer finishes for timber or steel fast drying, all colours.

Mio finishes, zinc rich primers and topcoats, polyurethane finishes

  • Galvanised primer topcoat fast drying – any colour
  • Galvanised primer topcoat waterbased – any colour
  • Galvanised primer topcoat, 2 pack – any colour
  • Zinc phosphate primer, fast drying – any colour
  • Fast drying enamel finishes, heat resistant – any colour
  • Fast drying machinery enamel – any colour
  • Polyurethane finishes,1 pack & 2 pack – any colour
  • Aluminium primers and topcoats – any colour
  • High visibility (high viz) painy, fast drying – all colours
  • Blast primers and topcoats – any colour
  • Aerosol spray cans – any colour
  • Line marking paint, fast drying, interior & exterior, all colours



Fire-proof Paints / Coatings

With safety in the workplace being top of the agenda, almost every building project requires some fireproof protection for timber and steel.

We have a large range of intumescent fire-proof coatings for 1 hour & 2 hour rating in waterbased or solvent based types. Interior or exterior.

For timber we have class ‘o’ fire rating in base coat varnish and topcoats.

Need help?
With the proper information on steel or timber sizes, we can measure & specify the product that is required and also, provide a fire certification for supply of materials.

  • Solvent based 1 & 2 hour fire coatings
  • Waterbased 1 & 2 hour fire coatings
  • Class O varnish for timber
  • Class O basecoat and topcoat in colours for timber
  • Anti carbonation coatings for carparks
  • Topcoat finishes for steel – all colour ranges